Welcome Back Everyone!

It’s that time for our children to load up their backpacks, don their brand new outfits, and head back to school! It can be a hard transition from the freedom of summer to the structure of being a full time student.  But you know that it is all worth it! There is nothing like getting a good education, it gives our children a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

The 2016-17 school bell rings in an exciting new school year but one constant remains at OLCS.  We have high expectations for our student’s academics and social learning. Our mission statement which we take very seriously is to learn, make friends and have fun!  We continue to work together with the outstanding support of our parents and community to “Build Character Today for Communities of Tomorrow!” As the civil rights leader Martin Luther King so accurately stated:” Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education”.

The following enthusiastic staff looking forward to warmly greeting students on September 8th, as we embark on the 2016-17 school year at OLCS:


Devon Caldwell – Senior Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten & Resource

Penny Wallace – Grade 1

Laura Hey – Grade 2

Beth Norrie- Grade 3 and Grade 4, Resource, (Acting Principal in absence of Principal)

Jason Maksuta – Grade 5 and Grade 6 (Systems Operator)

Andrew Korol – Grade 7 and 8

Karyn Penner – Grade JK-8 Music and Band Program ,  French G. 7/8, Art

Kimorie Lees -Community Schools Connector

Educational Assistants: Sherry Enns, Gwen Bochek, Shelley Wenstob

Nutrition Co-ordinator: Food for Thought Program and Librarian: Melissa Johnas

Administrative Assistant and Educational Assistant:  Karen Williams

Custodian- John Anderson assisted by Shirley Holdstock

School Administrator:  Brenda Masson Principal, Grade 7 and 8 Social Studies Teacher and Resource/Guidance

Happy Retirement Mrs. Faye Morcombe!

The students and staff of Oak Lake Community School wish Mrs. Faye Morcombe a very well deserved and wonderful retirement.  Mrs. Morcombe has served Oak Lake students well as an educational and speech assistant for 30 years!  Her kind, patient and caring ways as well as her artistic gifts will be truly missed by our students and staff!  Happy Retirement Mrs. Morcombe we wish you only the very best!