Warm May Days Boost Student and Staff Spirit

It’s hard to believe, but the month of May is here and we are already two weeks into it. Sunshine and warmer weather have provided a much-needed boost to student and staff spirits as the grey clouds of COVID-19 continue to hover overhead. With schools in Brandon and Winnipeg moving to remote learning, we are grateful to still have teachers and students learning, making friends, and having fun every day at Oak Lake Community School. We continue to encourage families to keep their children home if they exhibit symptoms and get tested if symptoms continue. Even though this journey through a pandemic is long and tiring, more and more people getting vaccinated provides a ray of hope. As we continue to soldier on, it’s an abundance of caution paired with a healthy dose of optimism, grit, and OLCS spirit that will get us through. Our classrooms continue to be places of learning and fun, and we’re happy to share updates about the exciting happenings at Oak Lake Community School.

It’s that time of year when we start to think about a brand-new bunch of Kindergarten students! On Thursday, May 6, Ms. Peper, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Masson, and Megan Lanouette (SLP) hosted a “Welcome to Kindergarten” Zoom call for parents of prospective K students. It was a great opportunity to review the Kindergarten program and share important information about starting school at OLCS. Our regular Kindergarten screening will not be held this spring—instead Ms. Peper, Mrs. Caldwell, and Megan Lanouette will get to know the new K students in the fall. If you know of a school-age child in our community who might not have registered for Kindergarten yet, please encourage them to contact the school at (204) 855-2242.

Please enjoy some updates from our classrooms:

The Grade 1 and 2 class has been staying very busy this past month.  We have a student teacher, Shayanne Bear, until the end of the school year. 

We recently wrote and illustrated our very own class book.  We have sent it to our publishers and are excited to get it back!

We will soon be getting our butterfly larvae kits to watch and learn as they turn into Painted Lady butterflies.

We continue to finish up our core activities and lessons and will soon start formal assessments. 

We have enjoyed the warmer weather and have been spending extra time outside whenever possible. 

We are excited to have our student council and Parent Advisory Council sponsored Subway lunch next week.

Grades 2/3

We created beautiful string art for Mother’s Day presents. The special women in our lives were happy to receive these beautiful pieces, and we are happy to report that no injuries took place during the process! We continue to work hard to strengthen our reading, writing, and math facts.

Grades 4/5

Our special project with the senior citizens has proven to be a bright light for staff, students, and seniors alike over the past few months. We took part in a Zoom call with our senior buddies on April 30. Together on the call we planted tomato seeds, created art with a directed drawing activity, and exercised.  We also enjoyed hot chocolate and reading. Not only are the senior buddies visiting with the students, they are connecting with each other during the video call which is so great to see!

Grade 6

The Grade 6 class has been honing their golf skills in outdoor physical education classes this month! We hope to be able to visit the golf course for a real game when COVID regulations permit. We were sad to say goodbye to our wonderful student teacher, Miss Marcie Cruikshank. She was a welcome addition to our classroom and we really miss her now that her placement is done.

We created our own constellations and have been writing myths about these arrangements of stars. We’ve also been studying World War II and reading The Losers Club as a novel study.

Grades 7/8

We’ve been using a lot of technology to support our learning lately—this has allowed us to create some new and exciting projects. The Grade 7 class recorded podcasts about an interest area, the Grade 8 class has used iMovie to made book trailers (like a movie preview) featuring a book of their choice, and all 7/8 students have been experimenting with Minecraft EDU to design and construct their own world in science. In social studies, we recently completed our study of Mesopotamia with a take-home open book test. Currently, each student has chosen a social studies topic as the focus of an individual project. In character education, we’re working with Mrs. Williment to create care packages for homeless people. Funded by a grant, we’re making packages for people with babies as well as men and women.

Student Council is excited to host a Mental Health Week beginning May 17. The students have a variety of activities planned to raise our spirits as well as awareness for this important topic. Staff and students are looking forward to the Subway lunch sponsored by Student Council and Parent Advisory Council.

OLCS Library

New library books have been ordered to add some variety and interest to the library shelves. One last book fair has been planned in June and it’s a BOGO event–buy one get one free!  All students who purchase books will be entered in a prize draw, just send a copy of book titles or the order number to me in the library for a chance to win a prize!

The book fair is scheduled to run from June 1-13 and can be accessed by visiting this link: