Update: Friday, Sept. 11

Our first week at OLCS has been a great success! Thank you, parents, for helping us ensure students are practicing social distancing, hygiene for coughs and sneezes, proper handwashing and sanitizing and learning to properly put on and take off their masks. Our bus drivers are efficiently unloading and loading AM and PM students one bus at a time. Students are asked to hand sanitize as they enter the school. Thank you to our bus drivers for making sure our children are masked and distanced on the buses. Currently our playground is divided up into fun zones. Each grade has their own cohorts, and they rotate to a new fun zone daily. Classes are dismissed by their cohorts at recess beginning with the oldest grade. All outdoor footwear is held in tubs in the student’s lockers. Our classrooms are arranged so that students are given as much space as is required. A huge shout out to our town parents for ensuring their children arrive in time for class and go home when possible for lunch hour. Reducing our numbers at lunch time has been very helpful in ensuring we keep our students safe. Our staff at OLCS have been working hard to ensure all students are sanitizing properly, handwashing frequently and social distancing. Academics are well under way here at OLCS, including setting up google classrooms to ensure students and staff are better prepared should there be a need for virtual learning at any point this school year. Both Phys Ed and Music/Band classes are outdoors, so we are hoping for a beautiful fall. A Covid 19 screening sheet is attached for parents’ reference. We thank all parents for doing the health screening each morning before your child comes to school to ensure they are healthy. We greatly appreciate parents responding quicky to pick up their child and understanding when students need to be sent home during the school day. We seem to have started this year with a few sniffles, coughs and tummy aches. Please do not hesitate to contact MB Health Links to answer any concerns you may have regarding your family health concerns and protocols.