OLCS October Update

September 8th was an important day for Oak Lake Community School students and staff—the first day of school! There were big smiles behind masks as everyone reconnected with friends, classmates, and colleagues. All classes are back in their regular classrooms, and we have a gym and a music room again (although gym classes are currently taking place outside because of the lovely weather). Health and safety measures are similar to last year with a few adjustments:

  1. All students in Kindergarten-Grade 8 and all bus students (while travelling on the bus) are required to wear masks as mandated by public health.
  2. Handwashing and sanitizing are commonplace at OLCS and are emphasized as useful tools in preventing illnesses.  
  3. Classrooms have been designated as cohorts. Intermingling among cohorts is minimized as much as possible.
  4. Our playground has been divided into “Fun Zones” to help ensure that grade level cohorts have designated areas to play and enjoy the fresh air with their peers.  
  5. Town students have been encouraged to go home for lunch if possible.

These measures have been put into place in an effort to keep our students and staff healthy and our school open! Please note that as COVID-19 information changes, so may our safety procedures.

Orange Shirt Day

On September 29, once again, OLCS recognized Orange Shirt Day. In the weeks leading up to Orange Shirt Day, students in Grades 1-8 learned about Canadian residential schools and the meaning behind the orange shirts. Students also participated in a reconciliation project that recognized the children who didn’t make it home from these schools. Colourful butterflies were created in their honour and hung on a bulletin board in the hallway for all to see and show their respect. During the 2021-2022 school year, Indigenous education will be taught through the Character Education program. This ties in with the Fort La Bosse Indigenous Education Framework and the 94 calls to action, outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Terry Fox Run

Students laced up their running shoes on October 1st and ran like Terry for the annual Terry Fox Run! After learning about the Marathon of Hope in their classrooms, students participated in the run during their phys ed classes, running to see how many laps they could get on the track set up on the OLCS playground! Families were encouraged to send in donations to be shared with the Terry Fox Foundation in support of cancer research. As of today, $131 was raised. Great job OLCS!

Introducing Our Student Council

We are excited to announce that we have a brand-new student council. Due to COVID-19 safety regulations, we were unable to gather in the gym to listen to student council speeches, but using technology, we were still able to host the election and ensure all students were well-informed of each candidate’s platform. Using Google Meet, teachers were able to live stream candidate speeches right to their classrooms!  Each potential student council member wrote a compelling plea for votes and shared their ideas with their peers in an effort to be a part of the 2021-2022 OLCS Student Council. After hearing all of the candidates, students voted in their classrooms and the results were announced Friday afternoon. Congratulations to the candidates for your hard work and the bravery it took to run for a position!

President: Liam Stannage

Vice President: Nova Pirie

Treasurer: Harji Khosa

Secretary: Grace Morray

I.T. Support: Prabhji Khosa

Male Sports Rep: Denver Gompf

Female Sports Rep: Gracie Johnston

Lighthouses Representatives: Courtney Cochrane and Lincoln Harvey

Library Assistants: Soleille Brunette and Jaydon Whitecloud

Social Committee: Lucas Branum, Dixon Tough, Jesse Kreutzer

Classroom Updates

Kindergarten with Ms. Peper

We have been having so much fun in Kindergarten. We are meeting the letters of the alphabet to learn their names, their sounds, and how to print them. We have also been studying the different seasons with a focus on fall right now. We have been enjoying this beautiful weather by taking our learning outside, enjoying all the lovely fall colours, and making some fall art.

Grades 1 and 2 with Mrs. Wallace

16 busy Grades 1 and 2 students have had a fun first month of school adjusting to new routines. Mrs. Wallace and her students are really enjoying the new Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Program that they work on every day. This program is designed to strengthen students’ abilities to hear and manipulate the sounds in our language, making us better readers and writers! Guided and home reading programs are up and running, and the students are excited to create some Thanksgiving art projects.

Grade 3 with Mrs. Hey

The Grade 3 class is diving into our new routines and procedures. The students are experiencing the longer planner messages and interactive notebook flaps that their older siblings warned them about! We were lucky enough to add several new students to our group this school year. We are also enjoying the new sandbox on the playground. Thank you to the Branum and Cochrane families for their contributions to this project. For Thanksgiving, we are creating a thankful tree and printing our gratitudes on the leaves.

Grade 4 with Mrs. Norrie

The Grade 4 students are an eager bunch of learners who are excited to be back at school. They are testing their memorization skills as they learn about the provinces, territories, and capital cities of Canada. Adding and subtracting with regrouping and writing reflections on what they’re thankful for have kept this class busy lately. They’ve also been enjoying a fun read-aloud of Sideways Stories from Wayside School.

Grades 5 and 6 with Mr. Maksuta

There is a lot of learning happening in Mr. Mak’s room! In science, Grades 5 and 6 students have been studying and experimenting with static electricity. Multiples and factors have been making everyone think extra hard during math class. In social studies, students have been learning about Canadian confederation in 1867. The book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is an enjoyable read-aloud for the students and they’ve been strengthening their paragraph-writing skills in ELA. In French, the students are learning weather-related vocabulary and they love that “il fait chaud” so many days lately!

Grades 7 and 8 with Mr. Korol, Mrs. Williment, and Mrs. Masson

With the federal election as well as student council elections, politics and elections were a great starting point in Mrs. Masson’s Grades 7 and 8 social studies this year. In math, the Grade 8s have been studying integers while the Grade 7s have been learning about coordinate grids. The Grade 8s are participating in the Global Read Aloud project with Mrs. Williment, and they are using a tool called Flipgrid to connect with students in different parts of the world as they all read the same book. Grade 7s are strengthening their writing abilities with an All About Me autobiography project. In character education, students are investigating the drinking water crisis impacting many First Nations communities across Canada.

Music with Mrs. Penner

OLCS students are thoroughly enjoying the access to the music room and all the instruments available for use. The bands are playing and younger students are signing and playing mallet instruments—sanitized and socially distanced, of course. All students took part in a mini-study of awareness prior to Truth and Reconciliation Day. The YouTube video we studied was called We Won’t Forget You, performed by students from Sk’elep School of Excellence in Kamloops, BC.

Important dates in October

October 11: Thanksgiving (no classes)

October 13: Picture re-takes

October 14: Hot breakfast, swimming (grades 5-8)

October 21: Swimming (grades 5-8)

October 22: PD Day (no classes)

October 26 & 28: Hearing screening for K and Grade 1 students

October 28: Swimming (grades 5-8)

October 29: Dress up for Halloween

October 31: Happy Halloween!

November 11: Remembrance Day (no classes)

November 12: Admin Day (no classes)

November 24: Parent-Teacher Conferences (no classes)