Awards Day at Oak Lake Community School: Goodbye 2021-22 School Year!

For the first time since 2019, Oak Lake Community School held their annual Awards Day Ceremony on Friday, June 24, 2022. It was wonderful to see so many families and community members celebrating the successes of our students.

At 11 am, the day began with an individual ceremony for each Grade 8 student held in front of the school’s main doors. With a special song playing selected by each student, our Grade 8 graduates walked from the south gym doors, proceeded to the west sidewalk, and followed the red carpet to the main doors.  Staff presented each Grade 8 student with their certificate of graduation to loud applause and many photographs.  After the final graduate received their diploma, the students and their families adjourned to the music room for a family meal of pizza and salad provided by Brierwood Creek Café in Kenton, Manitoba. At 1 pm, we gathered in the gymnasium where Grades 1-8 students received their awards at our annual Awards Day.  The winners are listed below:

Athlete of the Year – Cameron Schoonbaert

Digger Awards

Grade 1 –  Plaque  Brysen Ronnquist

Certificate– Emmaleigh Munro-Pirie

Grade 2 –  Plaque  Nathan Stothers

Certificate– Alexander Tasker

Grade 3 – Plaque – Grayson Smith

Certificate– Mackenzie Brydon

Grade 4 – Plaque- Meredith Masson

Certificate –  Mackenzie Goulet

Grade 5 – Plaque- Amina Saban

Certificate– Chase Logeot

Grade 6 – Plaque- Rose Cochrane

Certificate– Mckenzie Masson

Grade 7  Plaque– Breanne Wilson

Certificate– Denver Gompf

Grade 8 – Plaque – Grace Morray

Certificate– Harsimarjit Khosa

Academic Excellence:

Grade 5 – 1st place  Amina Saban

2nd place – Bijou Brunette

Grade 6 – 1st place  – Rose Cochrane

2nd place  – Sara Taylor

Grade 7 – 1st place – Micah Thiessen

2nd place – Idrees Saban

Grade 8 – 1st place – Soleille Brunette

2nd place – Harsimarjit Khosa

General Proficiency 

Grade 5 – Plaque – Amina Saban

Certificate – Bijou Brunette

Grade 6 – Plaque – Rose Cochrane

Certificate – Sara Taylor

Grade 7 – Plaque – Dixon Tough

Certificate – Denver Gompf

Grade 8 – Plaque – Harsimarjit Khosa

Certificate – Grace Morray

Alice and Jack Smith Memorial Award: Grade 6 General Proficiency – Rose Cochrane

Elise Wallace Memorial: Grade 7 General Proficiency – Dixon Tough

Oak Lake Masonic Lodge Scholarship – Grade 8 Digger   1st –Grace Morray

2nd – Harsimarjit Khosa

OLCS Media and Communications Award: Grace Morray

OLCS Arts Award: Taylor Goulet

Oak Lake and Area Lions Club Award – Breanne Wilson

Parent Advisory Council Character Award:

Grade 1 –Blake Griffith

Grade 2 – Zayden Hunkin

Grade 3 – Rhett Klassen

Grade 4 – Noah Wohlgemuth

Grade 5 – Amina Saban

Grade 6 – Rose Cochrane

Grade 7 – Breanne Wilson

Grade 8 – Grace Morray

Jamie Cairns Music Scholarship   Grades 1-4    Langley Gerrard

Grades 5-8   Chloe Williment

SPG Award  Female: Soleille Brunette        Male : Harsimarjit Khosa

Cheryl Baker Memorial Sports Scholarship – Cameron Schoonbaert

Cheryl Baker Memorial Academic Scholarship:  Dixon Tough

MTS Educator Award:  Cindy and Roger Branum

Valleyview Co-op Honor Roll:  80%

Grade 5- Sofia Harvey, Liam Stothers

Grade 6 – Taylor Goulet, Mckenzie Masson, Chloe Williment

Grade 7 – Idrees Saban, Dixon Tough

Grade 8 – Soleille Brunette, Harsimarjit Khosa

Valleyview Coop Honour Roll: Great Distinction – 90%

Grade 5 – Amina Saban, Bijou Brunette

Grade 6 – Rose Cochrane, Sara Taylor

Grade 7 – Micah Thiessen

Following the presentation of awards, Mrs. Masson took the audience on a little journey into the future of our Grade 8 graduates. Each graduate was depicted as a superhero with special powers to much laughter and applause from the students and their families.

Congratulations to our OLCS award winners and to all our students for their hard work and dedication this year! We hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing summer holiday. We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, for a new school year at OLCS!