Oak Lake Community School News : January 2019

Happy New Year from the students and staff of Oak Lake Community School! As we begin our new calendar year, OLCS is once again setting the bar high for learning, making friends and having fun! 

Congratulations to our Grades 2/3 teacher, Mrs. Laura Hey, on the birth of her baby boy!  While Mrs. Hey is enjoying the new addition to her family, we welcome Ms. Ashley Harrison back to Oak Lake Community School!  We hope Ms. Harrison enjoys her time at OLCS with her Grades 2/3 students. 

At our very first assembly of 2019, attendance awards were presented to 24 students for November and 67 students for December.  Congratulations to those winners who were in school, every day, on time, ready to learn and were honored with special recognition. Attendance matters as early as kindergarten!  Studies show many children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade can struggle academically in later years.  They often have trouble mastering reading by the end of third grade.  Children can suffer academically if they miss 10 percent of school days or about 18 days.  That can be just one day every two weeks, and can happen before one even knows it.  That being said, the past couple of months we have found students and staff struggling to be well with a variety of flu and viral infections.  Hoping the recent cold weather snap will take care of the illnesses! 

To encourage being ready to learn in the mornings as well as to promote and learn about healthy eating practices, OLCS offers a free nutritious breakfast snack each school day morning.  This snack is not meant to replace breakfast but encourages students to sample a variety of nutritious foods and to learn why their bodies need to be fueled with healthy food.  We are very appreciative of Mrs. Bev Rousson for her creative efforts to prepare our Food For Thought snacks. 

Wow!  What a super amazing Parent Advisory Council we have at OLCS.  Their hard work and fundraising efforts have helped to provide our students with a new basketball court, supplemented classroom supplies, provided Band and Choir uniforms for all students and delicious hot lunches on a bi-monthly basis, as well as the organization of our swimming program–just to name a few of their many endeavours.  Please chat with any parents or contact OLCS to purchase a ticket towards the PAC fund raising draw for a trip for two to Canada’s breath taking Niagara Falls and support our students’ programming! 

Basketball is in full swing at OLCS! The girls team hosted their home tournament on January 15th with all four teams from Fort La Bosse School Division in attendance.  The girls were very competitive, fought hard, but fell to losses in some real nail biters!  Our boys basketball teams travelled to Reston on January 17th and gave it their all but returned winless as well. Coaches Maksuta and Korol will continue to work on honing our teams’ basketball skills.  Please plan to attend the next girls Basketball tournament at Virden Junior High on the afternoon of January 29th and come out to OLCS to enjoy a delicious long john treat and cheer on our boys team at their home tournament the afternoon of January 31st! The Knights of Columbus will host their annual free throw competition on January 30th at lunch time in the OLCS gym and all are welcome to attend. Go Raptors!  Go! 

The Grades 5-8 annual curling program and the Grades 2/3 noon skating program will kick off at our local rink and arena this Friday, January 25th.  A huge shout out to the Oak Lake Curling Club and Oak Lake and District Rink Board as well as Louis Vachon, John Klassen and Carleigh Babiak for their support in helping to ensure access to great local venues where our youth can develop valuable life skills.  Looking for a little exercise on a wintry Friday afternoon?  You would be more than welcome to help out our staff and students with the curling program and or tie some skates and join us for a skate! 

The Senior Kindergarten class are enjoying the Roots of Empathy program this school year!  This is a program where students learn empathy and caring for others by following the development of a baby during its first year and how the parent responds to its growing needs.  Mrs. Devon Caldwell’s sister Brin Thornitt and her beautiful, bright new little daughter Freya from Kenton are our mom and baby for this school year’s program. Mrs. Caldwell our SK teacher assists Mrs. Masson with the implementation of this very popular program!  

Literacy, Numeracy and good citizenship remain the top priority for students at OLCS!  Classrooms are hubs of learning activities and lessons are focused on developing strong reading, writing and numeracy skills.  Students are as well taught manners and how to care for and about others.  One of their favourite community connections which they absolutely love is spending time with the residents of our Oakwood Place. We are truly blessed to have parents and grandparents popping in on a regular basis to help our young readers practice their skills!  Like riding a bicycle, reading takes lots and lots of practice! We appreciate our community sharing in fostering the development of strong reading skills and a love of reading with our little ones.  Should you wish to help out our young readers practice please just give us a call at the school and we will definitely welcome your support. 

We are definitely an active community school with programming not only during the school day but evenings as well with our SOS (Service, Opportunity and Success) Lighthouse programming once again in full swing!  Mrs. Kim Williment remains our co-ordinator but should you have an interest in working with our amazing youth a couple of evenings per week please give a call to OLCS.  Currently our programs include Archery, Wilderness First Aid, alternating RCMP and Tim’s Sports Nights and yoga.   We are extremely fortunate to have MB Youth Justice, West Souris Conservation District, the Virden Detachment of the RCMP, the RM of Oak Lake Sifton, Fort La Bosse school division and Tim Gompf as supporters and partners in providing evening programming for our youth ages 12-18. 

We continue to have high expectations for our students’ academics and social learning at OLCS. Our mission statement which we take very seriously is to learn, make friends and have fun!  We continue to work together with the outstanding support of our parents and community to “Build Character Today for Communities of Tomorrow!” 

Happy New Year from the students and staff of OLCS! 

“The New Year is like a blank book, the pen is in your hands, it is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.” 

Respectfully submitted 

Brenda Masson 

Principal     Oak Lake Community School