Classrooms and Staff

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Grades 1/2

Grades 2/3
Grade 4/5
Grades 6
Grades 7/8


Community Schools

Staff List

Name Position Email Address
Mrs. Brenda Masson Principal, Grades 7/8 Social Studies, Resource/Guidance
Mrs. Sheri Rampton Administrative Assistant/ Educational Assistant
Mrs. Devon Caldwell Resource
Mrs. Penny Wallace Grades 1 and 2
Mrs. Laura Hey Grade 3, Literacy Support
Mrs. Beth Norrie Grades 4,  Literacy/Numeracy Support
Ms. Natasha Peper Kindergarten
Mr. Jason Maksuta Grades 5 and 6
Mr. Andrew Korol Grades 7 and 8
Mrs. Karyn Penner Specialist – K-8 Music, French
Mrs. Kim Willement Specialist – Community Schools Connector, Grade 8 ELA
Mrs. Shelley Wenstob Librarian
Mrs. Gwen Bochek Educational Assistant
Mrs. Sherry Enns Educational Assistant
Ms. Keely Kirby ASL Support Worker
Ms. Sheri Swayze Cleaner
Mrs. Christine King Head Custodian