Classrooms and Staff

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Grades 1/2

Grades 2/3
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Community Schools

Staff List

Name Position Email Address
Mrs. Brenda Masson Principal, Grades 7/8 Social Studies, Resource/Guidance
Mrs. Randi Renard Administrative Assistant/ Educational Assistant
Mrs. Devon Caldwell Kindergarten
Mrs. Penny Wallace Grades 1 and 2
Mrs. Laura Hey Grades 2 and 3, Literacy Support
Mrs. Beth Norrie Grades 4,and 5,  Literacy/Numeracy Support
Ms. Natasha Peper Resource
Mr. Jason Maksuta Grades 5 and 6
Mr. Andrew Korol Grades 7 and 8
Mrs. Karyn Penner Specialist – K-8 Music, French
Mrs. Kim Willement Specialist – Community Schools Connector,
Mrs. Shelley Wenstob Librarian
Mrs. Gwen Bochek Educational Assistant
Mrs. Sherry Enns Educational Assistant, Food for Thought nutritional coordinator
Mrs. Christine King Head Custodian
Ms. Sheri Swayze Cleaner